Nomad iPhone 14 leather case and wallet folio hands-on

Nomad is one of our favorite case makers at 9to5, and an undeniable winner in the world of leather covers at large. Today we’re going hands-on with four of its new iPhone 14 covers including its standard leather cases and the always-popular wallet folio. Available in the classic Horween leather and the brand’s more affordable alternative with all of the same premium looks, our thoughts on the new Nomad iPhone 14 leather cases are detailed below.

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Nomad iPhone 14 leather cases now available

Over the past few years, Nomad has won our hearts over with their stylish leather Apple accessories, and now the brand is back to deliver for the iPhone 14. Not just refreshed to fit the new form-factor, Nomad’s new covers also employ some new materials this time to complement the fan-favorite Horween designs we’ve seen in the past.

Nomad also bakes in some of the usual comforts of an iPhone 14 case like MagSafe charging passthrough, thanks to a dedicated magnet ring, and 10-foot drop protection. Though, the leather is the real star of the show, living up to the brand’s claims it will develop an eye-catching patina over time.

There’s also the new leather wallet folio version of the case, which adds in some updated designs like an optional and removable magnetic strap to keep things closed.

The standard leather model starts at $49.95, or opt for the Horween build at $69.95. Those who choose the leather wallet iPhone 14 case from Nomad will pay $59.95 or $79.95 depending on which material they choose.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Full grain, sustainably sourced leather
  • Develops a patina over time
  • 10-foot drop protection
  • Dual lanyard attachment points
  • MagSafe and wireless charging compatibility

9to5Toys’ Take

After taking a hands-on look at Nomad’s leather cases last year, it’s nice to be returning back to check out what’s new for the iPhone 14 editions. First things first, the build remains unmatched right out of the box for its standard Modern Leather cover and this time around there is even more attention to detail for Apple’s latest. The main adjustments all come in terms of how the brand has adapted the design for the new build.

There are some adjustments this time around that make this an even better cover than last year’s. The exterior of the Horween build remains as premium as you’ll find thanks to the super soft touch finish, but now the TPU rubber that pairs with the higher-end material has been updated to be just as sleek as the rest of the iPhone 14 case. Everything is much more streamlined around the edges, with a little cutout at the top to help add some clearance for the refreshed speaker grill on the handset.

Otherwise, these are largely much the same leather offerings from Nomad that we’ve experienced in the past. There’s a built-in MagSafe ring that has largely the same holding force as before, as well as a raised lip around the front screen and back camera assembly. Along the bottom of the cover are little lanyard loops much like before and the interior has a soft microfiber lining.

The leather wallet model for iPhone 14 from Nomad carries over much of the same premium stylings, just with the added wallet section. My favorite aspect of the refresh here has to be that the brand has packed in a removable magnetic strap so you can have a little more assurance that the folio cover will stay closed.

One of the other new things about the Nomad iPhone 14 series cases this time around is that there are two different types of leather available. Nomad has always been known for its Horween leather builds, but this time there’s also a more affordable cover available for those who want the premium look without paying for the most luxurious materials.

And, as much as I have previously written about how amazing that Horween leather is, I am pretty impressed by the less premium offering. It definitely isn’t quite as soft as the higher-end option but still has a very nice feel in hand. It’s much more noticeable on the folio covers from Nomad, though that’s to be expected with much more leather packed into the build.

So while my final verdict isn’t all too much of a surprise, it’s still one that existing Nomad case owners are sure to echo. These covers have long been a favorite for me personally and for many of our readers, and the latest cases double down on all of the premium inclusions that the brand is known for. The biggest update this year has to be the introduction of the new leather material, which should help those who want the higher-end designs on a tighter budget.

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