How to Rearrange Your Mac’s Monitors in macOS

The default display arrangement in macOS may not be ideal for everyone’s multi-monitor desk setups. Here’s how you can fix that.

Apple’s macOS has a simple user interface, but it is a powerful operating system. And just like Windows, Macs can connect to multiple displays to expand your desktop across multiple canvases, which greatly enhances multitasking.

So, if you have a specific desk setup in mind, you must rearrange the displays virtually through macOS to create the proper workflow because the default arrangement may not suit everyone.

Why Would You Want to Rearrange Your Mac’s Displays?

By default, when you connect a second display to your Mac, macOS will typically arrange them side by side. However, not everyone has a side-by-side dual or triple-monitor setup; people with monitor arms who move their displays around can probably relate.

Also, when you hook up a MacBook to an external display, macOS will simply mirror your MacBook’s screen on the monitor instead of extending it to create more workspace. And this is why we think managing your multi-monitor Mac setup is essential.

So, depending on where the computer and monitor are on the desk, you should change the default layout to know where to properly drag windows to the other screen.

How to Rearrange Your Displays in macOS

Arranging your displays in macOS can sound intimidating, but it’s relatively easy. You can set up the displays in System Preferences once you have the monitor(s) connected to your computer. To do this:

  1. Open System Preferences, then click on Displays.
  2. Select and drag the display you want to move around. macOS will highlight the display with a red box to help you confirm that it is the correct display you would like to move.

You can also right-click on the displays to make one your primary screen, extend a screen, or mirror another monitor. From here, you can also change the settings for each monitor, such as brightness and resolution, and enable or disable True Tone if your display supports it.

Changing the resolution of your displays can increase the text size on your Mac. This makes it easier to read text compared to the default resolution.

Take Full Control of Your Display Arrangement

Customizing your multi-monitor setup is one of the most crucial parts of creating a great workstation. Thankfully, macOS allows you to arrange your displays according to your liking and utilize them in the best way possible.

Now that you know how to rearrange your monitors, you might want to check out Apple’s own Studio Display to spruce up your desk setup. It’s the perfect addition if you own a new MacBook Pro or the Mac Studio.

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