‘Disgusting’ note left on windscreen after collision

A motorist has revealed her shock at discovering a note left on her windscreen by another driver apologizing for hitting her car, but failing to leave their details.

The incident happened in Croydon, Melbourne’s east on Friday morning. The woman had parked her car across the road from the Blackworth Cafe while she grabbed a coffee.

She found the note upon her return.

“Sorry hit your car, can’t afford to pay for repairs,” it read.

Eager to find the identity of the other driver, the woman took to a local Facebook group to explain the situation.

“I noticed this lovely note they left on my windscreen while I was driving home,” she said in a Facebook post.

“Unfortunately the cafe/shops along there don’t have any cameras, but there were a few sitting outside having breakfast that might have seen the person put a note on my car.

“If anyone saw this happen and was able to get any details of the persons car etc. I would really appreciate you messaging me!”

She also speculated that the person only left the note because people were watching.

Other Facebook users slammed the act.

“Disgraceful. Can’t afford this? Shouldn’t be driving. Best of luck getting your cash from this human paraquat,” one local wrote.

“People fall on hard times, but should still be able to be accountable for their mistakes. How disappointing,” another commented.

“It’s a real dog act” said another.

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