Baker Mayfield’s testy exchange with reporter at Panthers practice

Baker Mayfield had a testy exchange with a reporter at Panthers practice on Wednesday.

At the beginning of the Carolina quarterback’s media availability, Mayfield was asked about issues with balls getting tipped by defenders at the line of scrimmage and if there were any drills he might do in practice to “alleviate that problem.”

“No, I mean it still goes to what we’ve been talking about, finding windows to throw in-game, and also being sure to get our hands down when it comes to quick game — things like that,” Mayfield answered. “Just finding windows.”

The reporter asked a question about a failed fourth-and-1 in Sunday’s loss against the Cardinals, then followed up on the tipped balls.

“Why not try something new or change something drill-wise?” the reporter asked.

Mayfield cut him off.

The Panthers' Baker Mayfield passes the ball against Devon Kennard of the Cardinals during the first quarter Sunday.
The Panthers’ Baker Mayfield passes the ball against Devon Kennard of the Cardinals during the first quarter Sunday.
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“If you have a drill for me, let me know,” Mayfield said. “It’s staying in the pocket, finding windows to throw, getting their hands down in quick game, everything I said.”

Earlier this week, Mayfield said that he did not care about Panthers fans booing him. He was asked a follow-up on if that is still the case on Wednesday.

“Yeah, I mean we have to play better,” Mayfield said. “What goes on on the outside has nothing to do with how we play, so we just have to do our job. It doesn’t matter. There’s a lot of ball left, we have a lot of home games left, we’ll see how it turns out. Right now, we’re worried about getting better. We went down and scored at the end of the game when they were booing the loudest. We have to be better.”

Mayfield repeatedly acknowledged how well the defense has played, and that his performance needs to pick up.

“There’s definitely been misses … It’s frustrating because it’s a game of inches. It’s the most cliche thing to say, but it really is,” Mayfield said. “When we’re off just a little bit from a QB and receiver or tight end standpoint, or even check-downs to the backs, it’s very frustrating. Like I said, I have to improve. I have to be better. A lot of this is on me. I understand that and I’ll take that and roll with it.”

The Panthers are six-and-a-half-point underdogs at home against the Niners on Sunday.

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