Desperate mom buys new dress for night out — then this ‘monstrosity’ shows up

Warning: The following fashion product images depict dramatizations of the actual fit.

New mom Suzannah Smith, 35, had been desperately searching for the perfect outfit for her best friend’s wedding, and thought she’d found it with a two-piece number from fashion retailer ASOS.

Smith — who admitted she usually “lives” in leggings and baggy t-shirts — ordered the stylish, textured organza mint-colored set for $140, hoping it would be a fun “adventurous” choice.

“Then that monstrosity showed up,” the resident of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the UK told Kennedy News.

When the outfit arrived — featuring slouchy, detailed sleeves and a large bow on the back of the midi-length skirt — it looked nothing like it did on the chic fit model online.

Smith shared her epic shopping fail on TikTok.

The outfit didn't fit as Smith had hoped it would.
The outfit didn’t fit as Smith had hoped it would.

In the clip, viewed over 780,000 times, Smith stands in front of the mirror with a deadpan expression before lifting up her arm to show off the voluminous sleeves and the unfastened skirt zipper.

“My initial thought was that the fabric wasn’t good quality… The texture of it was like toilet paper print, it was just so naff,” she observed.

The mint-green two piece had a stylish bow and sweeping sleeves.
The mint-green two piece had a stylish bow and sweeping sleeves.

However Smith said the fabric was stiff and she couldn't zip the skirt up.
However, Smith said the fabric was stiff and she couldn’t zip the skirt up.

The perplexing garment seemed both too big and too small in places. “Honestly I thought the skirt was going to fit me because when I held it up it looked so massive,” she said, adding that she sized up to a size 18 in the skirt. “I thought ‘there’s no way my ass is that big’ — that wasn’t the case.”

“The top fit fine but obviously the model had somebody there on hand to arrange it for her and make it look nice,” Smith added.

After the outfit didn’t work out, Smith ended up wearing a back jumpsuit with pink dots that she already owned, pairing it with a vintage 80s florescent pink jacket and pink converse.

“I got loads of compliments about how lovely I looked, so it worked out,” she said.

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