Google Pixel 7’s most critical feature — what Tensor G2 brings to the table

There’s not much mystery surrounding the big reveal of the Google Pixel 7 this Thursday (October 6) — and that’s not only because Google has already shown us what it’s new phones will look like or because Pixel 7 specs have leaked in advance of the event.

Rather, it’s because it’s very clear what the make-or-break feature for both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be — the next-generation Tensor silicon which Google has said it will use to power its new flagships.

“Google itself has disclosed key design elements of the Pixel 7,” said Avi Greengart, founder and lead analyst at Techsponential. “So the real surprises will come in terms of new software and details on the Tensor 2’s power, efficiency, and any unique attributes.”

Google Pixel 6a reveal at IO 2022

(Image credit: Google )

Tuong Nguyen, a director analyst at Gartner, puts it another way: “For all Google hardware events, I believe hardware is a means to an end. Therefore, I’m focused on the features and applications that are enabled by the device, rather than the hardware itself.”

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