With AccuRIG, Everyone Can Rig

AccuRIG is a free software application that takes the 3D character auto rigging experience to the next level. Aiming to reduce production effort, AccuRIG is designed for fast and accurate character rigging, allowing users to automatically turn static 3D figures into animatable characters in five simple steps, making them ready as FBX files for export to all popular applications including Blender, iClone, Omniverse, Maya, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder, and Cinema 4D, along with cutting-edge game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity.

Whether the model is in a T or A pose, take it to AccuRIG and follow its easy steps to auto-rig right away. The program also provides handy functions to manually finetune body and hand rigging, with a variety of preset motions to check final results.

Users have the option to export the model to the animation-ready format including FBX, USD, and iAvatar, or upload the newly rigged character to ActorCore’s online content store to real-time preview thousands of 3D motions with the uploaded character.

Rig Humanoid Models of All Kinds

3D users can now take advantage of hundreds of characters available for download on online stores such as Sketchfab, easily turning un-rigged models into animated characters. Artists can transform their own creations into rigged characters, immediately increasing their asset value in the marketplace.

Concept artists can benefit from the AccuRIG free auto-rigging tool by quickly changing their models created with ZBrush or Blender into professionally rigged characters, enabling them to display creations with a variety of poses and accelerating the process from sculpting to animation for 3D productions.

With AccuRIG, a scan studio can release staff from repetitive manual processes and automatically turn 3D scanned people into high quality, rigged characters – saving a tremendous amount of labor costs, which is particularly crucial for large projects.

Enjoy Thousands of 3D Motions on ActorCore

In AccuRIG, rigged-ready models can be directly exported to most 3D platforms, or uploaded to ActorCore, the 3D asset marketplace for real-time animation. There users can explore an extensive library of mocap animations professionally produced to ensure the best quality and practicality. All ActorCore 3D motions are in well-planned themes designed for game, film, interactive projects, archviz, training, simulation, digital twins and more.

Quick Search and Easy Export for Animation

The ActorCore online store gives users an interactive 3D viewing experience for their models with available motions. Users can also quickly search and explore related contents using category and keyword. All ActorCore motions are in FBX file format compatible with major 3D programs.

Free Download: AccuRIG Software

AccuRIG is a free program offered on ActorCore, designed to give users a full experience of high quality auto rigging with the best results. ActorCore also provides users with freely downloadable 3D characters and mocap animations. Simply become an ActorCore member to access these free resources. Sign up today.

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