7 Reasons Why You Should Not Subscribe to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ launched in 2019, backed by big celebrity names, though it didn’t exactly do so with a bang. There’s a reason why Apple gave away a free year of the service with purchase of select hardware. Subscriber numbers were slow to grow, especially when compared with giants like Netflix and Hulu.

So, is it worth subscribing to Apple TV+ now? Perhaps not. Since there are so many streaming services available, you might want to save your money. Here are all the reasons why you might want to avoid subscribing to Apple TV+.

1. Not Enough Content

Though Apple TV+ has a smattering of licensed content, the majority of the shows and movies on the service are original. That’s great because it means that you’re not scrolling through countless things you’ve seen elsewhere.

However, it also means that Apple TV+ doesn’t have as much content as competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Though there are some great shows to watch on Apple TV+, you’ll probably burn through everything that you want to watch in a month or two.

It didn’t help that the COVID-19 pandemic delayed filming on further original productions. Though Apple purchased rights to films like Tom Hank’s Greyhound to help fill the gap, it still wasn’t as much as competitors like Disney+ and Netflix were able to pump out.

With time, Apple TV+ will get more programming, but right now it’s perhaps not enough. Apple TV+ launch shows like The Morning Show and Dickinson have had multiple seasons and more original content is emerging.

2. Episodes Debut Weekly

Nowadays, the idea of waiting a week to watch the next episode of your latest favorite show seems archaic. When Netflix releases a show, it drops all the episodes at once. It means you can watch at your own pace. For many, that means binge-watching.

Binge-watching has its pros and cons, but that’s not how Apple TV+ plays, instead opting to release new episodes every week.

Apple would probably claim this helps build hype and anticipation, and lets you savor the show. But it actually keeps you tied in to your subscription for longer.

3. Some Devices Aren’t Supported

If you have a modern smart TV, games console, or streaming stick, then you are in luck—there’s likely an Apple TV+ app.

However, if you own a device from 2018 or prior, chances are Apple TV+ doesn’t support it. For example, while you can download an app for every streaming service under the sun on your 2018 Samsung smart TV, Apple TV+ won’t be one of them.

Perhaps you own an Android phone or tablet; the operating system has over 70% market share. Well, there’s no Apple TV+ app. You can watch in the browser, but the experience isn’t as smooth as a dedicated app. It’s unfortunate that Apple are choosing to cut off such a large number of users.

4. No User Profiles

If you want to share your Apple TV+ account with others and you’re not bought into the wider Apple ecosystem, good luck.

While you can use Apple’s Family Sharing feature to connect Apple IDs together, this is far from the convenient in-app solution that most streaming services offer for creating profiles.

It means that if you have multiple people in the same household watching Apple TV+, it’s impossible to maintain individual watch progress.

5. Annoying Recurring Errors

When Apple TV+ works, the experience is smooth. Unfortunately, Apple TV+ is prone to errors, seemingly far more than other streaming services.

One of the most common is Apple TV’s “video unavailable” error, which appears without rhyme or reason and frustratingly results in being unable to watch anything.

Another is that it often logs you out of your account, which is especially annoying on devices like smart TVs—sure, it only takes a couple of minutes to sign back in, but it’s tedious when it happens repeatedly.

6. Lack of Regional Programming

When Apple TV+ launched, collaborations with partners like Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston drew headlines. While the big names are impressive, Apple TV+’s content is decidedly Hollywood.

Unlike Netflix, which has produced foreign-language shows like Squid Game and Narcos and made them global successes, Apple TV+ falls short when it comes to global representation.

While it’s slowly improving, like the Spanglish comedy Acapulco, it still has a long way to go.

7. The Interface Is Confusing

If you didn’t realize Apple TV and Apple TV+ were two different things, don’t worry. You aren’t the only one.

Apple doesn’t make it any easier to understand because on some devices it blends Apple TV and Apple TV+ content together by default, the former of which consists of purchasable and rentable content outside the latter’s subscription. Even when you switch to the dedicated Apple TV+ tab, the change isn’t persistent—you’ll need to do it again when you open the app later.

The app’s homepage might look stylish, but it’s not as easy to navigate as it should be. Entire rows are dedicated to single shows or movies. Undoubtedly, this is to mask the service’s lack of content, but it’s a waste of space. In fairness, the consistent position of the “Continue Watching” row is something Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, et al. would do well to learn from.

Unfortunately, the app is also not great at remembering your position when watching something. If you pause watching halfway through, back out, and then return later, chances are it’ll start playback at the beginning. That’s annoying enough, but the less-than-ideal fast-forward controls compound the issue.

Is Apple TV+ Right For You?

These are all the big reasons for why you might want to save $5 a month and avoid subscribing to Apple TV+. There are plenty of other streaming services you can chuck your money at.

Then again, maybe these negatives aren’t a big deal for you? Apple TV+ does have plenty of positives in its favor too. You could always sign up with the free trial to take it for a spin.

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