A Self-Made Millionaire Shares His Journey Towards Success

A Self-Made Millionaire Shares His Journey Towards Success

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Technology has changed the lives of many as it brings various opportunities for others to build themselves and their careers. Currently, the demand for social media influencers has increased drastically due to their authenticity and relatability. However, in order to gain a positive response from the audience, one needs to be as promising as Frank Fourie, who is coaching others on how to build businesses.

Frank Fourie

Frank has managed to influence young minds with highly empowering lessons. He comes from a small town in Africa and worked immensely hard to build a life for himself. Frank remained consistent with his work ethic for three years and built an eight-figure revenue-generating business. Currently, he is focused on sharing this knowledge and experience with others so they can change their destinies as well.

Being recognised as one of the highest paid coaches in South Africa was quite a meaningful milestone for Frank. He also became one of the top 30 income earners under the age of 30 in the country. Frank takes pride in his accomplishments so far but plans to keep moving forward in this career through teaching others. He aspires to become the highest earning business coaches globally. Setting challenging objectives for himself has been the major reason behind his success.

As an innovator, Frank is actively looking for fresh ideas and collaborates with like-minded individuals that want to disrupt industries. Evolution is the core of Frank’s business philosophy, and he shares this perspective with his fiancée, Summer Da Cruz, who also plays the role of Frank’s business partner.

Frank has not only made a name for himself in South Africa but has also been a sensation in the USA. He was featured in Forbes 2021 as an Entrepreneur and Business Coach. However, becoming a self-made millionaire is not straight-forward, and Frank went through rough days to get where he is today. In the first six months of his journey, Frank was working tirelessly and became extremely sleep-deprived.

Giving up seemed like an easy way out at various points in life but Frank kept his belief in himself intact and moved forward. Juggling different things in life is challenging but Frank has managed to get himself past the hurdles of discovering himself and his strengths. Currently, his businesses generate an average of $5M in sales per annum. His dedication speaks for itself and helps him stand out in the crowd.

Frank wishes to become the number one business coach in the world and he is working actively to accomplish this objective. He plans to create thousands of millionaires online through the right strategies and direction. Building a business empire alongside his wife-to-be, Summer Da Cruz, and son, Ocean is something he dreams to achieve in life.

Consistency is the key to success and Frank’s journey has proved that. He advises others to remain persistent and steadfast on the goals they have set for themselves. Instead of thinking about giving up, one should become a problem solver. Pushing through hard days is important and if you are able to do that, life will indeed change for good.

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