The best digital photo frames of 2022

The best digital photo frames will bring your memories to life as you stop and stare. The digital frame has certainly come a long way since it was introduced, with improved picture quality, and vibrant color pop. In addition, the functionality and smart connectivity has come leaps and bounds as well. In short, a good photo frame can do so much more than just display your vacation snaps. 

Some provide touch screen displays for ease of operation, although others can be controlled via your smartphone if you’re not a fan of greasy fingerprints across the screen. Uploading your photos should be a cinch, and with some models connecting to popular photo storage services, such as Facebook, Google Photos and Instagram, you can keep all your photos together for ease of use. If that’s not enough, check out multiple frame accessibility — through this, those with access can contribute to your photo library, so you can keep in touch in more ways than one. 

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